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In part or in whole, there are several forms of ownership, or even rental, of a racehorse in order to embark on its own scale in the racing adventure.

French racing is governed by the national company France Galop, a non-profit association that organizes and controls the gallop racing industry in France.

It is with France Galop that your request for approval as owner, or associated owner, or tenant/lessor (in the context of renting the racing career), should be sent. You will find below the different forms of ownership that are available to you.

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The full ownership

Being the sole owner of a racehorse gives you access to all of the potential gains acquired in competitions. This status also gives you the right to own your own racing colors*.

As the sole owner, you will be involved in all career decisions for your racehorse, in direct collaboration with the trainer. You will also be solely responsible for all expenses related to training, its well-being (veterinary costs, farriery, dentistry, osteopathy etc.) and competition thereof.


*Racing colors/Jacket : jacket in the colors of your choice that your horse's jockey must wear in competition.

Ownership in association or

Contrary to the principle of "All costs, All gains" of full ownership, here all the gains will be shared between the different partners of the same horse, just like the training and competition costs described above.

The co-owners will then be considered as "associate owners" whose approval must be requested from France Galop.

Under this status, future owners will not have the opportunity to own their own jacket (racing colors).

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The rent

Renting a horse means that you rent its racing career to its owner (its "lessor"). Here, the horse does not belong to you in the literal sense but you become responsible and decision maker throughout its racing career, according to a contract established between you and the lessor.

Once this is over, you are no longer responsible for the horse.

Of course, being responsible for the horse, you will have to assume all of the costs described above, during its racing career. You also receive all race earnings. In this context, you will have to request the approval of "associate owner" or "sole owner" according to your possible future projects (the status of tenant does not exist).

The rental of a racehorse can also be made to several partners ("co-tenants").

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